Christian Dance: ballet, tap, jazz, ribbons/ flags

93 Oldfield Dr. (Home Classes) Montg. AL Tuesdays
Advanced, intermediate, 3-5 or 6 yr. olds times TBA
Other classes TBA

Aldersgate, Music Room (Rm. 16)
2 1/2 – 5 yrs. old – after nap on Wed.
Girls learn to praise and worship the LORD through dance which includes ballet, tap, and energetic interpretive. Also included: sign language, flags, ribbons, singing and instruments. Ps. 149 and 150 say to praise the Lord with singing, dancing, & instruments, and banners are in Ps. 20 and 60. So I include all these at times in dance class. All dance and costumes are modest and God honoring, and the music is all Christian. This is also an outreach ministry because we go twice a year to nursing homes to bless others. And there is a recital in May. I have many teaching experience and love the LORD and children. Praise His Name with Dancing! Ps. 149:3.
The girls need black tap shoes with button hooks or Velcro if possible, and pink ballet shoe (no draw strings). Be sure to take your girls with you to try them on and get shoes with room to grow. Dance skirt optional.
The cost is $42.00 a month for the 1st child and $23.00 for 1st sibling, & $15.00 for 3rd child



Praise Jam or Jamin

Boys and girls will praise and worship the LORD through simple, fun, energetic, clean exercise/dance similar to jazz/hip hop/ interpretive. Sign language is included also. Praise Jam is great cardio and helps with large and small motor skills, coordination and math skills as well. This may be similar to the way David danced before the LORD with all his might in celebration as the ark was being brought back to Jerusalem. He danced with joyful energy from his heart to honor and worship the LORD. 2 Sam. 6:14
All the music is a variety of upbeat Christian music and all dance is clean and God honoring. There are no special shoes required, but tennis shoes are recommended, and it’s a good idea to wear stretchy pants or shorts with a T-shirt for easy movement. We will go to nursing homes as a ministry outreach twice a year and there will be a recital in May.
The cost is $33.00 a month for the first child and $17.00 for each sibling. TBA


Christian Yoga

Slow Flow Yoga stretching and deep breathing helps relieve stress, strengthen, and lengthen back muscles and helps align. I did physical therapy for scoliosis and lower back problems and some of the stretching exercises are from this type of Yoga which was recommended to help my back. And it is much improved. The music is all peaceful Christian music and we will be filling with the peace of Jesus and His Holy Spirit as we stretch. Each person needs a yoga mat and blocks. Wear comfortable stretchy clothes. Boys and Girls – adults
The cost is $33.00 a month for one and $17.00 for each family member.
Times and places TBA